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Dr. Ronald E. McNair

Engineering and Math                                          

STEM Academy

Our Mission
  • To have our students demonstrate their creativity through applied math, science, and engineering.
  • To encourage our students to have educational aspirations and a passion for achievement.

Our Vision

  • To offer an enriching educational program that will provide the academic knowledge needed to prepare for a thriving future.

     Our Legacy

Born October 21, 1950 Dr. Ronald E. McNair was the second African American to fly into outer-space. His legacy is symbolic to the advances that African Americans have made in history. Although his history took root from a low-income household in Lake City, South Carolina he was destined to excel in academia and life.  His drive and resilience found in all of us afforded him some of the highest achievements in both.  In high school he was valedictorian.  In college where he received his bachelor's in Physics he was magna cum laude.  As a Physics PhD. recipient from MIT his work in laser physics was nationally recognized.  

In 1979, Dr. Ronald E. McNair joined the ranks of NASA as mission specialist aboard the space shuttle Challenger at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  But, unfortunately for us and the world his many contributions to the African American history came to a halt  when shortly after take off the Challenger exploded nine miles over the Atlantic ocean on January 28, 1986. 

Dr. Ronald E. McNair exemplified excellence and as students under his great name so will we.  He was the recipient of many commendations and as students under his great name we will make every effort to not only live up to the praises but keep them coming.  Dr. Ronald E. McNair our his-tory and our legacy!

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