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Physical Education
Educating bodies as well as minds!"

With the increasing attention being given to the physical health of young adults, physical education is a vital part of public school education. At the middle school level students are required to enroll in health as well as gym. Health classes embrace a curriculum that explores the hazards of smoking, socially transmitted diseases, and general public health concerns.

"Dekalb County Board of Education
Highlighted Goals for Physical Activity / Physical Education"

Please see newsflash for current P.E. Expectations
per Department of Learning and Instruction.  All schools, grades K-12, are strongly recommended to incorporate 30 minutes of daily physical education by a certified teacher.
  • All students in grades 3-5 will utilize the Fitnessgram annually to test and evaluate their fitness levels. Students in grade 6-12 will utilize a research based test.
  • All schools will conduct the School Health Index for Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle assessment annually.


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