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Ronald E. McNair Middle School

Dekalb County Schools


Academics?  We've got them!

Students are required to take classes in the core areas - math, science, social studies, and English language arts. Course syllabi are designed through collaboration between department chairpersons and individual instructors.  Subject coverage is based on Georgia's Common Core Standards and the DCSS pacing guides. Presently,  McNair Middle offers year-long classes in both business education, chorus and band.  Additionally, students are rotated into connections classes.  These include art, general music, health, physical education, math tools, reading, creative writings, engineering STEM, and chorus.  In accordance with federal guidelines, accommodations are made for exceptional students whether they are gifted or special needs.

Counseling Department
Counselors:  Ms. Harp and Mr. Willis  
The mission of the DCSD Guidance, Counseling, and Mentoring department is to support the development of student competencies in the academic, personal/social, and career domains (learning to learn, learning to live, learning to work) ensuring that students achieve success and are prepared to be productive members of society.  Upon entering middle school, students begin a major transition from the elementary environment to the middle school.  From the changing of classes, increase in homework, extracurricular activities, and the physical changes of adolescence and puberty, students must learn to navigate the middle school environment.  School counselors work collaboratively with parents, teachers, and students to address adjustment concerns, peer relations, and academic advisement to help prepare students for high school.
Alongside academic guidance, these two professionals engage students in mediation, conflict resolution, goal setting, and informal mentoring.  The counseling center is open daily and is assisted by one administrative assistant who is responsible for intake and withdrawals, scheduling parent conferences, vetting telephone inquiries.  Collaboration takes place between the counselors, the school social worker, the registrar, and the instructional assistant principal.

Counseling Office:  678 874 5126


New students and their parents will need to provide proof of address and meet residency requirements as part of the registration process.  Immunization information is also needed. Students enrolling from feeder schools should plan to update student contact information annually. 

Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School's STEAcademy is an accelerated program defined by the math, science, and engineering track taken by the students.  Students are required to take accelerated math which means that they will take the first half of their 7th-grade math in the 6th, the second half along with all of the 8th-grade math during the 7th-grade, and their 9th-grade math during their 8th-grade year.  Enrollment is open in April of students' 5th-grade/incoming 6th-grade year.  Flyers announcing enrollment is shared with all feeder schools.  We are super excited about the things our STEM students get to experience!  Get a glimpse by visiting our site at
What you need to know about testing!
Questions?  Please consult the Counseling Department or the  AP of Instruction.