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Ronald E. McNair Middle School

Dekalb County Schools


Dear Parents and Students, 

It is a joy and pleasure to be the Principal at McNair Middle School. Our goal is to provide the best education possible for our students in a safe environment. We want to prepare our students for the challenges at the next level and beyond college.

I encourage you to become involved with the school and your child's teachers. Please plan to attend school meetings, Title I, School Council, Concerned Observant Parenting, and Parent Conferences during the school year. You are the most important teacher in your child's life. You must stress the importance of good behavior and quality education.

I am looking forward to working with you and your child.


Administrative Team

Dr. Tuqwan Taylor, Principal

Dr. Tuqwan Taylor Ed.D.
Contact #: 678-874-5108

Dr. Cathy Dorsey, API

Dr. Cathy Dorsey
Administrator, Instruction
Contact #: 678-874-5108 

Mrs. Karen Stancil, 8th-Grade AP

Mrs. Karen Stancil
Administrator, 8th Grade 
Contact #: 678-874-5108 

Mrs. Tamika Hardaway, 6th-Grade AP

Mrs. Tamika Hardaway
Administrator, 6th Grade
Contact #: 678-874-5108