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2016-2017 (to be added soon!)

Comprehensive Improvement Plan (2015-2016)  During the last five years, there has been a reduction in the number of 8th graders placed in high school, and increasing academic performance on standardized tests. We are pleased to announce the continuation of our Small Learning Communities that focus on gender-based education. By all preliminary results, this plan is making a difference in the academinc program and affective programs at McNair Middle School. The concept of Small Learning Communities can be supported by current research as a "best practice" in education.

Many times, middle grade students are the most fragile and the most impressionable of all groups of students in school. Their years in middle school are full of many changes and growth. The manifestation of this transitional period appears in students in the form of physical, social, emotional and intellectual changes. For this reason, middle grade students are truly unique!

Unique Assets
  • Instrumental Music or Chorus, rotating exploratory classes in Chorus, Art, Creative Writing, Engineering,  Reading,  General Music.
  • After-School tutorial sessions available beginning in late fall.
  • Gender-based groupings on each grade level.
  • Cool Girls After-School tutorial & enrichment sessions available for 6th & 7th grade girls
  • Six-week progress reports as well as progress reports from core teachers every three weeks.
  • Data driven instruction based on Georgia State Standards.
  •  Stem initiative with engineering component.


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