MMS 4-H Member Wins 2nd Place in Ten County Competiton!

There were 258 5th graders and 58 6th graders from 10 counties.  Spalding County had the highest number with 115 followed by Barrow with 78 and DeKalb  with 42.  The largest percentage of increase went to Putnam County.  Barrow County also increased 16.4%.  Other counties that increased were DeKalb, Franklin, Habersham, Pike, and Spalding.  Highest percentage of winners (had to have over 10 and have an increase from last year to win a plaque) was Barrow and highest percentage of 1st place winners was Spalding.


The largest projects were:  Health (11), Dog Care (12), Wildlife (13), Computer information Technology (9), History (12), Sports (13), and Horse (15). 




NE/NW Cloverleaf District Project Achievement Results

1HUDV Human Development



Grade = 6

Project Grade County                    Last , First Name               Score     Placing

1HUDV 6              Spalding              Kaylee  C.                   89.00     1

1HUDV 6              DeKalb                Yasmin L.                        84.50      2

1HUDV 6              DeKalb                 Truth S.                       81.50     3



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