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Welcome to DREAM STEM Academy of Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School
Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School has moved into its second year of its  STEM Academy initiative. The interdisciplinary approach of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to learning has opened up the engagement for our STEM students to include rigorous academic concepts to real-world lessons. Through partnerships, our STEM students are experiencing unparalleled opportunities to explore their abilities.
The application process for the 2017-2018 Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School STEM Academy is currently not open!  However, the application process for DREAM STEM will re-open in the spring so stay posted.
Our students participated in a number of wonderful learning experiences so feel free to follow our past year's adventures for our First Lego League Team, Hover Craft Team, and Academic Competition STEM Team activities by scrolling through our STEM web pages found here.
For additional information on the Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School STEM Academy program and our admission requirements, please look for the S.T.E.M. section on the school's website! 
Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School Investigate Biotechnology with the awesome Georgia State Bio-Bus
This year, with the guidance of the awesome Georgia State Bio-Bus team our students were able to investigate a wide spectrum of biological subjects, from molecular biology to genetics and anatomy.  Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School students were able to engage in and learn from the molecular and chemical techniques used by forensic scientist professionals such as fingerprint, blood typing, and DNA analysis.  Through this fun filled learning mystery students, had an opportunity to clarify techniques such as "blood coagulation test to narrow down the suspects, and DNA analysis through gel electrophoresis to ultimately identify the final suspect and solve the crime!"
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