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Dr. Barbara Gafford-Hampton
STEM Coordinator/ Science Department Chair
Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School
2190 Wallingford Drive
Decatur, Georgia 30032
(678) 874-5102 (Main Office)
(678) 874-5201 (Direct Office)

Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School STEM Academy
Dr. Ronald E. McNair Middle School's STEM Academy is an accelerated program defined by the math, science, and engineering track taken by the students.  We are super excited about the things our STEM students get to experience! If you are interested in knowing about DREAM-STEM click on the tabs to the left labeled STEM Events and STEM Expeditions.  A visit to these tabs will give you a glimpse of some of the exciting things that we have experienced.  With the inclusion of new partners, it's only going to get better!
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