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 CoVid-19 News 


"Here are a few resources that may assist in conversations with your children regarding COVID- 19." (McNair Middle Counseling Department)

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Calling All Parent 

As a continuous support for our students teachers are inputting assignments and providing feedback via the sources below.  Please use these same sources to reach out to them with any concerns that you or your child may have about assigments.  They want to hear from you!

School Closure
Digital Learning Resources 
6th-Grade        7th-Grade        8th-Grade
Science                   Science                            Science
Math                     Math                                Math
ELA                        ELA                                      ELA
Social Studies               Social Studies               Social Studies    
*Please select the appropriate grade level link above to access student assignments.  Contact teachers for any assignment concerns.

Breakout of the Boredom of Coronavirus Lock-In! 
STEM Challege for Everyone! 
Click the link to join:  STEM Challenge

Need help with the Virtual Learning Tools?  Call the Dekalb County School District Help Desk at 678-676-1188 

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Virtual Learning Support for Students
2019-2020 Uniform Policy
 6th Grade
Solid Hunter Green uniform shirt with a collar
Khaki or Black uniform pants
7th Grade
Solid Gray uniform shirt with a collar
Khaki or Black uniform pants
8th Grade
Solid Navy Blue uniform shirt with a collar 
Khaki or Black uniform pants 
*Blue or Black Jeans allowed on Fridays with a McNair spirit shirt ONLY!!!!*
(Jeggings, Leggings, Torn Jeans, Ripped Jeans or Jogging Pants are NOT permitted) 
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District Events
To stay up to date with school closure support Click Here: Dekalb County   

School Events

Student Extended Learning 
Presented by DREAM STEM 
Virtual Field Trips & Explorations:
Fun Facts & Projects 
Stories from the High Museum of Art in Atlanta 


*Reminder: Field Trip money will be reimbursted once school reopens.  

          How does 
EOG/EOC scores compare: 
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